If you have ever tried anal intercourse, it probably didn't happen as it does in a porn movie.  You know how a porno goes;  the penis slides right in without any effort and the girl can be pounded for an hour without any lube.  Well, that's the movies.  In real life, anal sex needs a little preparation in order for the play session to be pleasurable.

Follow these steps for a great session of anal intercourse:

Step 1

Make sure you have the right accessories before you start an anal session.  You'll need water based lubricant, condom (to prevent bacteria going into his urethra), anal vibrator and clean fingernails.

Step 2

Get into a comfortable position.  For most beginners, laying with your chest on the bed and your butt elevated is the most comfortable and accessible position.

Step 3

Apply plenty of lubricant to the anus and rectum.  With a lubricated finger, lightly rub the outer part of the anus until your partner is relaxed.  Slowly insert the lubricated finger.  If your partner becomes tense, relax and go slow.  Continue once your partner is ready.

Anal Vibrator
Step 4

Replace your finger with an anal vibrator.  Lubricate the vibrator before insertion.  Like the finger, take your time with insertion.  Make sure that you use an anal vibrator.  It is smaller and more narrow than a regular vibrator so it will be easier on your partner.

Step 5

Remove the anal vibrator and apply plenty of lubricant to the penis.  Slowly insert the penis into the anus.  Again, GO SLOW, listen and feel your partner's reactions.  If your partner becomes tense, stop and wait until she is more relaxed.  Then proceed with entry.

Clitoral Vibrator
Step 6

Begin thrusting.  Follow your partner's lead.  Let the recipient control the speed and depth of penetration.

Step 7

Stimulate the clitoris while thrusting.  In the basic position, this action is difficult for the male.  She should use a clitoral vibrator for stimulus because it's small and easy to hold.

Step 8

Stay clean and safe.  No vaginal sex after anal sex. EVER!  Anything that has been inserted into the rectum must be washed before it can enter a vagina.  This is not the porn movies.  Real women get infections.

Anal intercourse is enjoyable for both sexes because the anus is rich in nerve endings and stimulus of the area can lead to intense pleasure.  The keys to a successful anal sex experience is patience and lube.  The recipient of anal sex always needs to be warmed up before intercourse can occur.  Use fingers, lube and anal toys to get your partner ready.  Take your time and you will both enjoy the session.



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